is a modular device that naturally captures carbon dioxide from the air and produces a carbon-rich solution for increased plant growth.

CARBONQUARRY's structure is easy to install, scalable and user-friendly to industrial markets and consumer markets alike. CARBONQUARRY is designed to be "passive" and not use excess energy, allowing cost-savings for our customers.



CARBONQUARRY's unique design allows the outer shell to open and close due to the water level in the upper reservoir. When the shell is open, air passes through a carbon scrubber with resin material that captures airborne CO2. When the shell is closed, water fills the shell to produce the carbon-rich solution. Once filled, the solution is automatically transferred into the reservoir below. The carbon-rich solution may be stored in the device or immediately applied for fertilization. Upon the reservoir emptying, the shell reopens for the cycle to repeat and capture additional carbon dioxide.


Algae and plants convert CO2 into “food” for growth, a natural carbon dioxide removal process. CARBONQUARRY produces a carbon-rich fertilizer to aid in algae biofuel production, greenhouse applications, and fertilization.